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Welcome to Noelle's Montessori

We offer the ECCE scheme where there are no charges to parents.

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Welcome to Noelle's Montessori

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Welcome to Noelle's Montessori

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Welcome to Noelle's Montessori

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At Noelle's Montessori

ECCE PROGRAM is IMPORTANT to us. All Children are included in all the activites listed below without charge.

Drama & Dress up

What a fun way to learn about life, emotions, and the world around us, driving bin lorries and other fascinating vehicles, past times, the mysteries of travel to space, exploring under oceans and going on Safari. Sometimes we just want to be worms, wind or ghosts! At Noelle’s Montessori we bring life to our imaginations! Face painting, miming, voice projection, music, costumes, and puppets are all tools that we use.

Music and movement

What fun it is to make shapes with our bodies, or become clockwork toys in a toy house. Following instructions, comprehension and carrying out the tasks set for us all is super fun, when one is becoming a rolling ball, a robot, even a square! We use musical, instructive C.D’s to add another dimension to the children’s time with us.

Acrobat Kids

As we tend to be an active bunch and just love to climb, jump, sing, twirl, roll, and crawl, acrobats is an amazingly fun and challenging addition to our week.

The children love this activity so much they now work as a team to create their own obstacle courses in the garden!

About us

Noelle’s Montessori is a sessional pre-school, with the goal of allowing your child to learn in a safe, welcoming and creative environment. All of the equipment runs alongside the learnings of Montessori siolta & amp; aistear, which are recommended by the Irish government. Our aberration of your child ensures specific development needs are met.

  • We are open Monday through Friday morning term time.
  • Why not visit us?
  • We participate in the Early Childcare (ECCE) Education scheme.
  • A class calendar will handed out at the beginning of the year.

All guidelines and ratios will be adhered too, as governed by the Early Years Inspection Services. 1 Adult to 11 children.

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Maria Montessori developed her idea how to enhance children’s lives by witnessing children in orphanages play with their food, rolling peas. Maria Montessori realized that these children didn’t have any toys for stimulation and hence used their food before they consumed it. The idea was that objects can be used for many different purposes. For examples simple clothes pegs can be used to hang out clothes or to develop the pincer grip, strengthening children’s hands. Maria Montessori also wanted every child to be equal and designed her equipment so that different ages and abilities could work play at alongside each other. Fair, even and interesting for each child’s personality and ability, which also links in with our governments Siolta and Aistear initiatives. We spend mornings doing group activities and individual activities, children choosing from open shelves full of wonderful equipment to explore, have fun with and develop. We observe children in groups and individually to see how we can help the whole child grow organically and at their own pace.

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At Noelle’s Montessori we have specialist equipment to help all the children develop physically in a safe and fun environment. Balls, hoops, rackets, jumping cubes, specifically age related beams, jumps, zigzags and tunnels are all magically turned into fantastic obstacle courses which are suitable for all levels of each child’s ability, making sure everyone’s confidence and feel good factor grows. The children love this activity so much they now work as a team to create their own obstacle courses in the garden!

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For many boys and girls, friends form the center of their lives. As children grow up, it’s not unusual for them to find best friends, break up, and reform friendships time and again. Friendships blossom and children learn to deal with daily situations at Noelle’s Montessori. Pupils learn to grow great friendships which strengthens there bond and builds confidence with others before going on to primary school.

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We work closely with all of the parents, to maximize their children’s potential, thus laying the foundations for their lives as independent, confident and responsible citizens. Our individualized learning plans, parental partnerships and regular feedback on the children’s progress, offer the very best learning environment. Unique to Noelle’s Montessori School is our vision to accept each child as they are. Our approach appreciates each of our children’s unique qualities, encourages all the children to grow at their own pace and to be active, enthusiastic learners in the world around them.

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Christmas Play 🎄


March 2019
Patricks day

Lets celebrate St Patricks Day with dance, poems and songs at Noelle's Montessori 9:00am.


April 2019
Easter Holidays

Hi all just to note 12th of April we will be closing Noelles Montessori for Easter Holidays at 11:45am.


May 2019
Super Sports Day

Come join us for our super sports day at 9:00am watch or skills as we jump and leap to victory.


Dec 2019
Christmas Play

Sparkly Christmas play and carols Thursday at 9:00am.


Dec 2019

Christmas we will be closing at 11:45am.

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We offer the ECCE scheme where there are no charges for parents. We do require a E50 deposit to secure a place. This deposit is returned to you after your child has attended Noelle’s Montessori for the month of September and has been successfully registered on the ECCE program.
Children who are not old enough to avail of the ECCE scheme can join a waiting list. CHILDREN AGED FROM 2 years until they can avail of the ECCE Scheme.
There is no charge to the parents of eligable ECCE children for the ECCE program.
Lot's of outdoor and indoor fun Pre –school Montessori ECCE Imaginary play Performances by your children for you, Drama,Music to movement, Acrobats Outside play Planting Baking Arts & Crafts Digging Vehicle play Climbing Development of your child’s interests.

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